The Atmosphere

On a long family road trip we were talking in the family van about what to make the restaurant, original plans were not going to work with the name, history of Lewes and the town, we decided to look into the history of the building. So we started to ask friends and customers if they had any recollection of the build- ing. From all accounts and dates from actual customers to our managers they vary and indicated the following historical infor- mation… 1940’s 329 Savannah Road was a gas station… 1950’s Bait & Tackle was added and mid 50’s the gas station closed and dry cleaning was added… 1960’s Bait & Tackle went from smells of fish to become a beautiful florist shoppe… Somewhere between 1967-69 the florist closed and was convert- ed into a Greek Restaurant serving Fried Chicken and dinner… Between 69 and present it has been numerous types of restaurants with a good following for breakfast.

SO THE WHEELS STARTED TO TURN and JD’s was born, bringing back some history to Lewes.

Darryl’s Mom's picture is proudly placed. It is from the 50’s where she was a model to open their neighborhood Flying A gas station during opening day. Joe’s grandfather’s ESSO patch and collage of his memorabilia hangs in the restaurant also. Mom Zuber created all the collages in the restaurant, The Clean Rest Room sign was literally pulled from the mud, where they purchased all the diamond plate from. Since Clean Rest Rooms are as important as Good Food and Good Service in a FRIENDLY atmosphere. Our friend Sam donated his SEPTA toy Bus from the 70’s, where he worked. A couple of other local businesses donated parts and license plates to be placed around the restaurant. We even have a Edsel Grill donated by a dear friend Marty who has restored his family car!