Joe & Darryl
Co-owners since 2009

They are the J & D of JD's Cafe.. The support and brains behind the scenes. Trying to keep up with the ever changes demands in the restaurant business. Giving the staff the tools to do the wonderful job they do!

Joe & Dot Zuber
aka Mom & Dad

Parents & all-around helpers. No matter what needs to be done, Mom & Dad are always eager to pitch in. Coloring books, cutting grass, light bulbs or flowers-They are right there when we need them the most.

Alex (Sasha) Miafodzye
Manager 2011 - Dos Locos 2010

Always there to greet all his customers, whether at The Filling Station in the early morning hours or late at night at Dos Locos. You'll find his wonderful personality there to brighten your day. 

Aleksey Ilinykh
Server since 2010

You'll find Aleksey serving breakfast and lunch by day, then at dinner his knowledge of wines and the masterful creations Chef Bill and his team creates, in a pleasant way about himself. 

Cook since 2012

Comes to us via Dos Locos in Rehoboth Beach. He helps create some of the best food around for breakfast and lunch. Stop and say HELLO!

Mario Georgiev
Server since 2010

Don't let his quietness fool you...he can serve up the heartiest of meals always making sure its right!. You'll see him at JDs always smiling and giving you the best service he can.

Vera Dranchuk
Server Since 2009
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Good Morning Customers....Vera is always giving service with a smile! She offers fresh coffee and all your favorite-trying to please whoever she serves. 

image not available

Bright-eyed Josie... She works breakfast-lunch and dinner here at JDs, plus she can whip up a mean Cosmo or Martini for ya!



She's the Cher in Cher's famous oatmeal and you thought it was named after the singer...hehehe!

Fast and furious...Cher serves a delightful breakfast and lunch. Monday and Wednesdays she is our manager on duty. Always smiling and happy to make you satified!